The ecoPi series are a collection of modular devices we developed and built based on the implementation of an economical Raspberry Pi single-board computer (RPi, Raspberry Pi Foundation).

What is the ecoPi:Bird?

The ecoPi:Bird is a device for automated acoustic recordings of bird songs and calls, with a self-sufficient power supply.

The ecoPi:Bird was developed and implemented within the framework of the project “Windenergie im Wald II” (Wind energy in forests II) of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (“BfN”). The project aims to investigate the effects of wind turbines in forests on woodland bird species particularly regarding a possible displacement effect of wind turbines.
More information about the project Wind Energy in Forests is available in our portfolio.

How does the ecoPi:Bird work?

The ecoPi:Bird can automatically carry out acoustic recordings of its surroundings, in this way it is capable of monitoring particular target species. As each bird species has a different pattern of activity depending on the time of day and the time of year, recording times can be adapted as required to record particular species and species groups.
The ecoPi:Bird facilitates economical long-term monitoring, implemented with minimal personal requirements.

Depending on the volume of data recorded, data evaluation can be carried out using machine learning. For this purpose we are developing a neuronal network, which recognises the vocalisations of target bird species from the recorded data.
This data analysis method is being implemented in the project Wind energy in forests II.

How is the ecoPi:Bird constructed?

The ecoPi:Bird consists of a robust plastic box, with a microphone installed on the outside on the underside of the box. Inside the box are all of the neccesary technical components. All components are modular and can therefore be adapted for specific requirements.
With the combination of a solar panel and a battery the system has a self-sufficient power supply.

  • The Design of the ecoPi:Bird.
    © OekoFor GbR
  • An ecoPi:Bird installed an site.
    © OekoFor GbR

Typical applications

Due to its construction and self-sufficient power supply the ecoPi:Bird can be implemented in long-term monitoring programs. The ecoPi:Bird presents an economical monitoring solution, that can be combined with other monitoring methods which can help improve the data basis for particular conservation concerns.


February 2021
  • We are currently working on improving our devices with better remote access via a GSM- modem. The units should then require less maintenance.
    We aim to be able to implement real-time recognition of target species and data transfer from the field in the future, which would further optimise monitoring.