Interactive web applications


What are web applications?

Web applications are programmes that can easily be used with any modern browser. Thus they are platform independent and can be run on any notebook, desktop PC or smartphone, regardless of the operating system installed on the device. We create web applications, mainly using the programming language R. Using the R package Shiny, the typical web programming languages: JavaScript, HTML and CSS are integrated into the R framework.

What does OekoFor do?

We make and use web applications in several of our projects for different purposes, for example to:

  • standardize data input,
  • to interactively explore raw data or results in evaluations,
  • present results,
  • to monitor the current status of our autonomous recording devices in real time.

We can provide web applications for you, which you can then host locally on your PC or in the company network. We recommend using these tools particularly if you or your company have experience programming in R. We will be happy to assist you with subsequent enhancements, customisation and maintenance of the app.

We can also carry out these steps for you, hosting the app on the internet and customising and extending it according to your wishes. If there are sensitive data in your project, access to the app can be restricted via a password.
If you are interested in building expertise in creating and maintaining web apps with R-Shiny within your organisation, we can advise you in this process and provide training in which we build a framework of best-practices together.

Simple apps can often be created in a matter of hours or days, and provide immediate value by saving time and improving the quality of data or data analysis.
More complex apps, which integrate different functions take longer to create and are therefore particularly worthwhile for larger projects.


ProBat 7

ProBat 7 is a web application, which we programmed. It represents the new, online based version of the software tool ProBat, for the calculation of wind turbine operation adapted for the protection of bats.


ProBat-Inspector is a web application programmed by us, with which it is possible to verify the execution of curtailments for the protection of bats.